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We offer a wide range of LED products (power suplies, strips, profiles) from MEAN WELL and Snappy manufacturers. We also provide different inrush current limiters and various ALU profiles for LED strips.

LED power supplies

We supply MEAN WELL and Snappy LED power supplies.

MEAN WELL offer includes a wide range of voltage and current power supplies with or without regulation support (PWM, 0-10V, DALI), IP protection (up to IP 68) with wattages from 8W up to 600W. We invite you to a detailed overview of Mean Well products by visiting the link

Snappy products we supply come from the slim series of power supplies which are compact and adhere to specifications for mounting onto flammable materials. You can view the complete range of products on offer on the following link:

LED strips and profiles

Our desire to offer quality products has led us to include LED strips for which we offer a 3-year warranty. We supply all standard power ranges – 4.8W, 9.6W, 14.4W, and 20W/m. We usually provide 3000K and 4000K. For specific projects we can also supply LED strips based on customer specification.

You can also order selected LED profile models for LED strips

Camtec AC Inrush Current Limiter

In systems with many power suplies high inrush currents can occur which triger circuit protection. To avoid this, AC inrush current limiters are used which prevent these kinds of problems. We supply all Camtec inrush current limiters models:


Industrial power supplies

Industrial computers

SSD, RAM, Modules




Visaton built-in speakers

Electromechanical components



LCR products