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We supply industrial power supplies from many different manufacturers. Apart from MEAN WELL products, we also supply Snappy LED power supplies, Camtec and FSP industrial power supplies and FSP and Sea Sonic industrial computer power supplies


We are a distributor of MEAN WELL products. In our offer you can find all MEAN WELL products:

  • Enclosed power supplies
  • Din power supplies
  • LED power supplies
  • Power adaptors
  • Power supplies for medical usage
  • DC-DC converters
  • DC-AC inverters

For more information please visit our website, where you can see the complete list of MEAN WELL power supplies. The MEAN WELL company was established in 1982 and is one of the leading power supply manufacturers in the world. It offers the widest range of high-quality standard products at an affordable price.

Snappy LED power supplies

We supply certain slim models of Snappy LED power supplies. Snappy power supplies we supply can be viewed on this link: Snappy power supplies we offer complement our LED power supply programme where compact dimensions of power supplies are needed. Besides the models listed on the link, other slim models of up to 150W can be supplied. For more information, please contact us.

FSP Industrial power supplies

We supply FSP industrial power supplies and UPS-es of different formats. More information can be found on the manufacturer’s website:

Sea Sonic computer power supplies

We supply industrial computer power supplies of different formats from a renowned manufacturer Sea Sonic. Classic ATX power supplies are distinguished by high quality, high efficiency and a 12 year warranty (depending on the model).

Industrial computer power supplies we offer:

  • ATX/EPS power supplies
  • TFX power supplies
  • SFX power supplies
  • FlexATX power supplies
  • 1U in 2U power supplies

Camtec industrial power supplies

We are a distributor of Camtec products. We supply the following power supplies

  • Power supplies for DIN rail, 1 phase up to 1500W, 3 phase up to 1000W
  • Programmable laboratory power supplies 480W – 100kW
  • Adjustable power supplies 2kW – 100kW
  • DC-UPS / battery charger 480W – 100kW
  • Rack mount power supplies
  • Chassis mount power supplies
  • Open frame power supplies

All Camtec products are manufactured for maximum reliability and durability. They are intended for use in critical applications such as railway systems, traffic control systems and military purposes.


Power adaptors

In case you can not find the power adaptors that meet your requirements in our standard offer, we can supply them based on your specifications. Requirements such as modified DC connectors, interchangeable AC connectors, cable length or a sticker with your logo are a challenge for us and not a problem. For more information please contact us and we will be glad to help you find and develop the best solution.

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