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The main difference between consumer and industrial computers and computer components is the longer availability of industrial components and models. Together with Intel, manufacturers now offer a specific set of products with 15 years of guaranteed availability. Moreover, compared to the similar consumer products, the better reliability and greater connectivity options of industrial computers and components should not be ignored.
We supply industrial computers and industrial computer components from several different manufacturers.


We are an IEI representative, which offers a a wide selection of products.

In their offer we can find:

  • Motherboards in various formats ( PC/104, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, 4″
    3.5″, Pico ITX )
  • Computer systems in various dimensions, with passive or active cooling, for DIN-rail mounting…
  • Different models of Panel PCs with dimensions between 5.7″ and 24”
  • Industrial LCD touch screen displays with dimensions between 6.5″ and 24″


The DFI products you can choose from are listed below:

  • Motherboards in various formats (EATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, 4″, 3.5″, Pico ITX, 1.8″)
  • Computer systems in various dimensions and capacities, with passive or active cooling, etc.
  • Different models of Panel PCs
  • Industrial LCD touch screen displays

Other manufacturers

Beside the above listed manufacturers, we also supply products from the following manufacturers: Aaeon, Axiomtek, Commell…

Custom-made products

No manufacturer offers a motherboard you need for your next project? Contact us and together with the chosen manufacturer we can supply the product based on your requirements provided that adequate quantity criteria are met.

Industrial power supplies

Industrial computers

SSD, RAM, Modules




Visaton built-in speakers

Electromechanical components



LCR products