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LCR Products

In cases where the standard products do not meet the requirements of our partners, we offer custom products developed with the manufacturer in accordance with the client’s specification. In some cases, this is a modification of the manufacturer’s existing products and in other cases it is a development of a completely new custom product.

LCR products

Digital 2.1 audio amplifier

We offer a 2.1 audio amplifier with a built-in EQ that can be configured via PC. Power supply 12V DC, maximum channel power 85W/2Ohm. The power is dependent on the cooler. Can be supplied together with speakers. Optional modifications to the cooler and connectors for use in different projects.

UPS module

Because of market needs we have developed our own UPS module for DC power supply mainly for motherboards. The module consists of Li-ion accumulators, input voltage 12V DC, output voltage 12V DC. We also offer a more expensive version with capacitors instead of Li-ion accumulators. Communication with PC for battery status check and safe PC power off in case of power failure is supported over a USB connection.

RGBW controller

We have developed a programmable RBGW controller. The included software allows you to configure it using your PC. USB connection. Maximum controller power 300W. We provide 12V and 24V versions.

Custom made products

Power adaptors

We can adjust the power adaptors to the specification:

  • power cables of the desired length
  • DC connectors according to specification
  • output voltage according to specification
  • customer logo on the product


We can develop motherboards according to customer specification or modify an existing product from one of the manufacturers we cooperate with.


We offer the development of various types of cables from data to power cables. Some cable examples:

  • SATA cables with power supply
  • various USB cables (angular, USB-B on rail, different lengths…)
  • Display Port cables of different lengths
  • Cables with different connectors for serial communication
  • Power cables with different connectors

Touchscreen displays

  • PC (Projective Capacitive) laminated on glass of different shapes, colours, finishing and dimensions with a USB/RS232 controller. LCD display can be included or omitted.
  • LCD open frame display with added touch panel. Different screen dimensions and touch panel technologies (IR, PC, Resistive…) available.

Built-in speakers

Development of built-in speakers based on customer specification or according to the chosen reference product.

Industrial power supplies

Industrial computers

SSD, RAM, Modules




Visaton built-in speakers

Electromechanical components



LCR products