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We import and distribute electronic components and industrial electronics. Our sales programme includes industrial computer equipment and industrial power supplies. Continuous monitoring of new technologies is a prerequisite for providing professional consulting services to our existing and future clients. We strive to ensure they will never be disappointed with our services. We offer professional consulting services and provide adequate solutions for the applications of our clients.

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Industrial power supplies

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LCR branded products

In cases where the standard products do not meet the requirements of our partners, we offer custom products developed with the manufacturer in accordance with the client’s specification. In some cases this is a modification of the manufacturer’s existing products and in other cases it is a development of a completely new custom product.

Digital 2.1 audio amplifier

UPS module

RGBW controller

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Official distributor of Mean Well

We are the official distributor of Mean Well, a company with over 2000 employees that ranks among the top 3 leading manufacturers of industrial power supplies in the world.

We offer a broad choice of over 4000 power supply models that can be used in a variety of different use cases. You can choose from industrial power supplies for DIN rail mounting, LED power supplies, standard industrial casing power supplies, DC/DC converters, inverters, solar inverters, battery chargers and adapters. The power supplies are distinguished by high quality, reliability, longevity and affordable prices.

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