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We keep stock of 12 VDC lead batteries which are made in VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery) and AGM technology (absorbed glass matt, therefore batteries are completely sealed and need no maintance. Because of AGM technology you can place batteries in any position. There is no movement of electrolite inside and no acid gass leaking (VRLA).
Batteries ensure source of electricity for electronic systems, security and fire alarms, UPS, child toys, for all applications which need source of DC voltage, mainly as backup DC source when AC grid is off-line (in UPS applications).

We always keep stock of standard capacities and dimensions from 1,2Ah up to 40Ah. We can also deliver larger capacities, bot only in larger quantities for known project customers.
Our standard batteries have life cycle up to 5 years, aproximately 300 rechargiing cycles. Warranty time is 1 year with presumtion of correct usage of batteries.
Together with batteries, customer many times need Mean Well battery chargers and Mean Well security power supplies .
If needed, we can also deliver solar systems batteries, which have possibility of deep discharge (Deep Cycle, up to (90%) compared to stacionary batteries which enable up to 50% discharge. Mean Well’s DC/AC inverters are also commonly used in solar and UPS systems .

PS1.5-12 (12V 1.5Ah)

Capacity: 1,5 AH Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 97 x 43 x 58 Weight: 0,5
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 9,4 €

PS2.3-12 (12V 2.3Ah)

Capacity: 2,3 Ah Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 178 x 35 x 67 Weight: 0,9
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 12,70 €

PS5-12 (12V 5Ah)

Capacity: 5 Ah Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 90 x 70 x 107 Weight: 1,45
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 17,90 €

PS7.5-12 (12V 7.5Ah)

Capacity: 7.5 Ah Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 151 x 65 x 99 Weight: 2,15
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 14,91 €

PS12-12 (12V 12Ah)

Capacity: 12 Ah Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 151 x 98 x 101 Weight: 3,27
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 35,40 €

PS18-12 (12V 18Ah)

Capacity: 18 Ah Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 181 x 77 x 167 Weight: 4,96
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 52,39 €

PS28-12 (12V 28Ah)

Capacity: 28 Ah Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 175 x 166 x 125 Weight: 8,1
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 75,65 €

PS40-12 (12V 40Ah)

Capacity: 40 Ah Voltage: 12V
LxWxH: 197 x 166 x 173 Weight: 12,6
Warranty: 12 months Price without VAT: 124,32 €

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