Led Napajalnik Mean Well HLG-100(H), HLG-120(H), HLG-150(H) in HLG-185(H) natisni E-pošta
Petek, 11 Junij 2010 00:00
After launching HLG-240/240H (240W) series, MEAN WELL continuously introduced four new series of high efficiency and high IP level LED power supplies ~ HLG-100/HLG-100H (96W), HLG-120/HLG-120H (120W), HLG-150/HLG-150H (150W), and HLG-185/HLG-185H (185W). Built-in active PFC function, HLG-100H/120H/150H/185H series feature with 90~305VAC wide range AC input and HLG-100/120/150/185 are with 90~264VAC range.
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Napajalnik Mean Well HRP(G)-450 natisni E-pošta
Petek, 21 Maj 2010 08:16
After launching HRP-75 (75W), HRP-100 (100W), HRP/ HRPG-150 (150W), HRP/ HRPG-200 (200W), HRP/ HRPG-300 (300W) and HRP/ HRPG-600 (600W), MEAN WELL continuously introduced the new 450W AC/DC miniature high performance enclosed type power supplies ~HRP/ HRPG-450 series. Until now, we can offer various wattage range from 75W to 600W for different electrical usage, which also comply with the trend of energy saving and demands of low energy-consumption.
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Baterijski Polnilec Mean Well GC-160 natisni E-pošta
Petek, 21 Maj 2010 00:00
After launching GC220 (218W) series, MEAN WELL further expanded their AC/DC battery charger line and introduced GC160 series ~ 160W green charger with low power consumption and high efficiency ~ in response to the energy saving and environmental friendly requirements of battery chargers. Possessing very low “no load power consumption” (
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DC/DC Pretvorniki Mean Well SKA-40 natisni E-pošta
Petek, 21 Maj 2010 00:00
After launching SDM30 (30W) series, MEAN WELL continuous to introduce another new 40W single output regulated converter in size of 2”X2” ~ SKA40 series, for the growing demands of miniaturization and high wattage applications of module type DC-DC converters. With dual-in-line packaging, these 40W converters are designed to comply with the standard pin assignment in the market.
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Napajalniki za varnostne sisteme Mean Well SCP-35 SCP-50 SCP-75 natisni E-pošta
Ponedeljek, 10 Maj 2010 08:00
After launching two families of security power supplies AD-55/AD-155(enclosed type) and PSC-60/100(PCB type with optional case), MEAN WELL continues to introduce another new AC/DC enclosed type single output security power units ~ SCP-35 (35W), SCP-50(50W), SCP-75(75W) series.
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