Seasonic X-560 Izbor Uredništva Moj Mikro natisni E-pošta
Četrtek, 04 November 2010 09:45

Napajalnik Seasonic X-560 prepri?al na testu v reviji Moj Mikro. V novemberski številki (11/2010) revije Moj Mikro si je napajalnik prislužil oznako "IZBOR UREDNIŠTVA". Napajalnik seasonic X-560 je prepri?al z odli?no izdelavo, bogato opremljenostjo, ter stabilnim in zanesljivim delovanjem. Ve? lahko preberete v reviji Moj Mikro.
Mean Well GC120 Baterijski polnilec natisni E-pošta
Petek, 22 Oktober 2010 00:00

After launching GC160 (160W) and GC220 (218W) series, MEAN WELL further expanded their AC/DC battery charger line and introduced GC120 series ~ 120W green charger with low power consumption and high efficiency ~ in response to the energy saving and environmental friendly requirements of battery chargers. Possessing very low “no load power consumption” (<0.5W) and up to 91% of high efficiency, the whole series are real energy-saving at both standby mode and active mode, which could be rated as one of the most “Green” battery chargers in the market.

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Napajalnik Mean Well za LED zaslone natisni E-pošta
Sreda, 08 September 2010 00:00
With the booming of green energy concerns, high efficiency power supply requirement became more and more popular for LED moving sign manufacturers. MEAN WELL announced the availability of its HSP-250 series, 125~250W AC/DC high efficiency enclosed type power supplies for LED display applications.
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Mean Well, Taiwan Superiour Brand natisni E-pošta
Ponedeljek, 23 Avgust 2010 00:00



MEAN WELL, a leading Industrial standard switching power supply manufacturer, is awarded the “Taiwan Superior Brands 2010” titled on Aug 23th, 2010. The contest was held by the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), which has commissioned TAITRA to cooperate with the international brand consulting firm.

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Seasonic X 400 fanless ATX test natisni E-pošta
Torek, 17 Avgust 2010 10:35


Napajalnik Seasonic X-400 so testirali pri spletni strani HardOCP in bili z izdelkom izredno zadovoljni.

Nekaj besed iz zaklju?ka testa:

"The X-400FL posted simply excellent Load Testing results, the best efficiency we have seen to date, AMAZING DC output quality, it was silent throughout testing, and it was built like a tank. Sure the Transient Load Testing results weren't great, but this is a 400W unit and in relation to other 400W units it did not do that badly (and it kicked all of those other units' shiny metal butts in every other category)...

...Quite simply put, for users looking for a quiet power supply solution it just doesn't get any better than the Seasonic X-400FL, expect maybe for the X-460FL which we have yet to test."


Celoten test na voljo na spletnem naslovu:

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