Mean Well HLG-80H napajalnik LED natisni E-pošta
Petek, 08 April 2011 08:38
After launching the new generation of high efficiency metal case LED power supplies~HLG-100(H)/ 100W, HLG-120 (H)/120W, HLG-150(H)/150W, HLG-185(H)/185W, and HLG-240(H)/240W series, MEAN WELL continuously introduced 80W lower wattage models~HLG-80H series, to fulfill the middle to low wattage applications. Featuring with 90~305VAC wide range AC input, HLG-80H series not only fit for general 115VAC or 230VAC main input,
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Mean Well HLN/HLP-80H napajalniki LED natisni E-pošta
Petek, 08 April 2011 08:31
MEAN WELL launched new generation of 80W LED power supplies ~HLN-80H and HLP-80H series. Features with insulated plastic enclosure, HLN-80H series can reach IP64 waterproof/ dustproof level by its mechanical design and has cost-saving on glue. With casing removed and miniature PCB design, HLP-80H series also has significant cost-saving on the mechanical parts.
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Mean Well PLD-25 napajalniki LED natisni E-pošta
Torek, 29 Marec 2011 08:24

After the launch of non-PFC constant current (C.C.) mode models LPHC/LPLC-18(18W), LPC-20(20W), LPC-35(35W), and LPC-60(60W), MEAN WELL continuous to introduce another 25W AC/DC plastic case LED power supply with active PFC function and C.C. output~PLD-25 series, to fulfill the lower wattage demand as well as PFC function requirement of LED indoor/ decorative lighting market. With 90~295VAC wide AC input range, PLD-25 series not only can be used in 115VAC or 230VAC utility power regions, but also fulfill the usage of 277VAC mains power in North America.

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Mean Well LED Napajalniki z "Dimming" funkcijo LPF-40(D)/60(D) natisni E-pošta
Petek, 18 Februar 2011 14:56
MEAN WELL announced 40W/60W plastic case LED power supplies with PFC and dimming function ~ LPF-40/40D and LPF-60/60D series, in order to fulfill the rapid growth of PFC requirement and dimming operation in the LED lighting market.
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Mean Well WDR-240, Kompaktni Napajalniki za DIN Letev natisni E-pošta
Torek, 18 Januar 2011 07:53
DIN rail type power supplies are now widely used in the industrial related applications because of their fanless and high reliability design. Therefore, after launching SDR family (120~480W extremely high efficiency series), WDR-120 (120W), and WDR-480 (480W), MEAN WELL further introduced one new 240W AC/DC slim DIN rail power supply feature with wide input range for both single and two phase power systems ~ WDR-240 series, to complete their WDR product line.
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