IR Touchscreens
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IRTOUCH L-series touchscreen instantly turns LCD/PLASMA/front/rear projection monitor into interactive display. Unlike most other technologies, the Infrared based design offers superb image clarity. The original image quality is preserved because there is no film in front of the display. After a simple installation, the screen can be operated with either a finger, with or without glove or a pen. Infrared technology can scale in size up to 150" in diagonal.  Features like no drift, scratch proof, water proof, dust proof, sunlight operability present the IRTOUCH touch screen an ideal choice for many  interactive applications.



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IRTOUCH E-series touchscreen is the lowest profile Infrared touch screen product with integrated touch controller on the bezel. It is designed to fit into LCD monitor. Features such as superior image quality, together with scratch proof, water proof, maintenance free, as well as sunlight operability make the E-series IRTOUCH touchscreen an ideal choice for many interactive applications such as POS, touch monitors and Kiosks.




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K-series infrared touchscreen employs steel bezel and solid structure. It offers the most rugged touchscreen available in the industry. IP65(Front panel) sealing is available to withstand high contaminant and hazardous environments. The built-in controller design and mounting ear option make the installation and service extremely easy. Glass or no-glass option presents it as the only solution for applications where touch screen can be a seperate unattached component from the display. The K series provides ideal touch solutions for any highly demanding applications.


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