New Product ~ LPC-150 Series (150W Economical Constant Current Output LED Power Supply) natisni E-pošta
MEAN WELL has been leading in the LED power supply field for years. Our products of various levels – the economical line, the middle class and the high level – have built a supreme credit and rating in the industry. The LP family, a typical series for the economical line, is widely adopted by the entry-level lighting market; for constant current output applications, this family has offered LPLC-18/LPHC-18 (18W), LPC-20 (20W), LPC-35 (35W) and LPC-60 (60W). In order to fulfill the requirements for the higher wattage, MEAN WELL extends the wattage up to 150W, unveiling LPC-150 series. With the C...

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