New Product ~ SPB05 Series (5W DC-DC Regulated Converter) natisni E-pošta
MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the 5W regulated single output DC-DC converter~SPB05 series, so as to meet the increasing demand for system miniaturization. This series is in SIP (single-in-line) package form and adopts the plastic case of the 3W SPB03(0.86”x0.36”x0.44”) to 5W output. The power density is up to 36.7 W/in3; nevertheless, the volume is just about one-third of the existing 5W rated output product ~SCW05(1.25”x0.8”x0.48”), providing the better power solution for equipments with space limitation. This series is equipped with industrial standard pin, 2:1 wide input range, 1500VDC I/O...

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