Mean Well ISI-500 solarni inverter natisni E-pošta
Ponedeljek, 08 Avgust 2011 10:07
MEAN WELL introduced 500W DC/AC modified sine wave inverter with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charger ~ ISI-500 series. This stand-alone solar inverter can be constructed as an energy-saving power station by only adding external lead-acid batteries and solar panels. Through the built-in MPPT solar charger, “free energy” from the sun can be stored into the battery bank by solar panels and then transformed to AC output via its inverter stage, which can conserve the energy consumption as well as the utility bill, and hence fulfill the energy-saving trend of the world.

Digitally controlled by microprocessor and designed by high frequency topology, ISI-500 are light weight and posse up to 88% of high efficiency. They can provide 500W rated power continuously (350W for 12V) for all kinds of electric devices. Peak load capability includes 110% rated power for 1 minute and high surge power up to 200% rated value for 30 utility cycles. The conversion efficiency of MPPT solar charger is up to 98% (typical), which can adjust the output voltage and current of the solar panel for charging the battery bank and get the maximum solar energy through the panels. Besides, these power inverters are equipped with complete protections, include input reverse polarity, BAT low alarm, BAT low shutdown, BAT over voltage and protections of short circuit, inverter overload, over temperature for output side. Other standard functions include power ON/OFF switch, LED indicator, BAT low relay contact signal…etc. The design of ISI-500 series comply with global safety certificates per CE, FCC, LVD (IEC60950-1) and are suitable for powering all kinds of lighting fixtures, home appliances, and portable equipments in the remote mountains, islands, desert areas, or caravans that the utility supply can’t be reached but the solar panels can be constructed.

  • Modified sine wave output, 500W rated power
  • Built-in 500W MPPT solar charger
  • 98% high conversion efficiency for MPPT function(typical)
  • 88% high efficiency for inverter
  • AC output regulation: ±10%
  • High surge power up to 200% rated power
  • Power ON/OFF switch & LED indicator
  • Protections: Input –BAT polarity, BAT low alarm, BAT low shutdown, BAT over voltage; Output – short circuit, overload, over-temperature
  • Built-in fan ON/OFF control function
  • AC output voltage: 110VAC or 230VAC; Modified models available(optional): 100/115/120VAC or 200/220/240VAC
  • Approval: CE, FCC, LVD (IEC60950-1)
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 205mmx 158mmx 67mm
  • 2 years warranty