Industrial Electronics
  • Industrial computer equipment IEI   ( 9 Articles )


    Industrial computer equipment IEI.


    • Industrial motherboards in various form factors
    • Various Panel PC solutions with touchscreen - sizes from 7" to 42"
    • Embedded (fanless) solutions
    • video surveillance systems
    • industrial LCD displays with touchscreen


    IEI section is under construction.


  • Industrial computers Commell   ( 5 Articles )



    Industrial Computer equipment:


    • Industrial 5.25" / 3.5"  Embedded Miniboards
    • Industrial Embedded  Motherboards
    • Mini PC
    • Full-size PICMG CPU Cards
    • Half-size ISA/PCI/PISA CPU  Card / Slot PC



  • Mean Well power supply   ( 0 Articles )


    Established in 1982 and ISO-9001 certified in 1994, Mean Well is a leading switching power supply manufacturer in Taiwan . With more than 2,500 standard models and based on our over 25 years design, manufacture and distribution experiences in the switching power supply industry, we believe that we can offer you a total solution and be your reliable power partner.
  • Industrijski napajalniki Camtec   ( 0 Articles )

    Smo distributer proizvajalca Camtec. V ponudbi proizvajalca so sledeči proizvodi:
    • Napajalniki za na DIN letev, 1 fazni do 1500W, 3 fazni do 1000W
    • Programabilni laboratorijski napajalniki 480W – 100kW
    • Prilagodljivi napajalniki 2kW – 100kW
    • DC-UPS / polnilec baterij 480W – 100kW
    • Napajalniki za vgradnjo v Rack
    • Napajalniki za vgradnjo na ohišja
    • Napajalniki brez ohišja
    • Omejevalci vhodnega toka Camtec (AC Inrush Current Limiter)
    Vsi proizvodi proizvajalca Camtec so proizvedeni za doseganje maksimalne zanesljivosti in dolge življenske dobe. Namenjeni so za uporabo v kritičnih aplikacijah, kot so železnica, nadzor prometa in za potrebe vojaške industrije. Za več podatkov vas vabimo k ogledu spletne strani proizvajalca:
  • Sollae ezTCP serial<->intertnet adapters   ( 1 Article )


    Sollae ezTCP products offer high quality, price efficient and simple solutioni to comunicate with serial device over Internet. Supported serial communication RS232/RS422/RS485 (depend on model). Supported network connection: wired, Wi-FI, HDSPA. Please check model list for more information.


  • Računalniški napajalniki SeaSonic   ( 0 Articles )



    Napajalniki Seasonic so znani po zanesljivosti in kvaliteti izdelave. Vsi napajalniki proizvajalca Sea Sonic nosijo oznako 80PLUS, 80PLUS Bronze, 80PLUS Silver ali 80PLUS Gold, kar pomeni visoke izkoristke delovanja (nad 80%), posledica pa je manjše segrevanje napajalnika, daljša življenjska doba izdelka, ter nižja poraba električne energije. Zaradi navedenih lastnosti so Seasonic napajalniki odlična izbira za okolja kjer so visoke zahteve po zanesljivosti in stabilnosti delovanja.  Izdelki imajo do 5 let garancije, odvisno od modela.


  • Passive graphic cards Sparkle   ( 1 Article )


    9800GT_HP_D Sparkle company put a lot of effort into development and production of passive graphic cards. All their products base on nVidia chipsets. Passive cooling means less noise in computer case and also no faulty fans.


  • Pidion handheld computer   ( 1 Article )


    Pidion handheld computers from Bluebird Soft Inc. are industrial grade products. With rugged housing, reach connectivity and a lot of additional functions these products are meant for working professionals  in tranport, logistics, industry... Working temperature for all computers is between -20 and + 50 °C. Some are even IP-54 compliant. Check our offer to find appropriate product for your application.



  • IR Touchscreens   ( 3 Articles )


    IRTOUCHSYSTEMS offers a complete product line of touch screens ranging from 6.4' to 100' that are optimally suited for Kiosk, ATM, POS, Gaming, and Industrial Control. We have enhanced the traditional advantages of infrared technology. IRTOUCHSYSTEMS products boast the highest transparency and durability while offering water/dust/vandal-proof and maintenance-free service, all while offering unparalleled affordability.